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Carma Risk Management Overview

The Carma Risk Management modules automatically produce real time, event level Workflow Alerts, as well as organisational and event level Risk Threshold Alerts, adding a new layer of risk management functionality.

As traditional levels of assumption about risk are becoming increasingly unrelaible, this new functionality uses the underlying risk measurement model and risk values to prioritise workloads and improve visibility across the day-to-day management of the associated operational process.

Like the core Carma risk measurement system, the modules sit independently of the underlying Corporate Actions processing system (whether a fully automated processing platform or just Excel spreadsheets), and use the same source data required for the core Carma risk measurement calculation.

This means that Carma can be integrated into any organisation without the need for complex data migrations between systems, reducing implementation times to a matter of weeks.

Both alert types can be configured and maintained by users via the Carma UI and are produced in real time. They are displayed in the relevant user’s alert inbox within Carma, received via email or sent to an external workflow/risk management system


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