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Workflow Alerts

The Workflow component covers the full event lifecycle for all ISO event types. Using the underlying risk measurement functionality within Carma, each workflow alert will include the value of risk associated with the underlying event.

The workflow inbox within Carma can be used to drive daily processing, with the inbox automatically prioritising the tasks that need to be completed, based on their risk values and task deadlines. High Priority workflow alerts will be generated for any events where the Risk Threshold for that event has been exceeded, ensuring users focus on the riskiest tasks, on the riskiest events.

Alternative dashboard views can be configured, such as real time tracking of outstanding daily workflow volumes, enabling managers to ensure all outstanding items have been cleared by close of business.

Carma workflow alerts are produced for future dated events in advance of the risk being realised, allowing managers to plan ahead for times of increased work volume and to allocate their resources more efficiently.







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