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Deep domain experience

Our design, delivery and testing experts live and breathe Asset Services.

As a result, we understand how best to elicit the key business requirements that are critical to a particular project.

Given our experience within the domain, our analysts don’t start from a blank sheet of paper. We have an extensive understanding of the core business and functional requirements that are key to Asset Services Optimisation Projects, which gives our clients a head start at this crucial stage.

In addition, we have a particular strength in functional and user acceptance testing.

Our experience allows us to prioritise resources intelligently, investing in the testing operations that matter most, and employing lower-cost techniques when appropriate – without compromising overall quality. As technical teams or other external delivery experts join projects, we work hard to share our understanding of the big picture. This ensures that everybody working with us fully understands where their work-stream interacts with the project as a whole.


  • Build on the Recommended Project Plan and take responsibility for the complete
    project lifecycle and its successful execution
  • Create fully specified Business and Functional Requirements Documentation
  • Deliver rigorous and detailed Process Flow diagrams
  • Define an intelligent and appropriate Testing Strategy and Plan
  • Take full responsibility for a smooth hand-over of the redesigned process or system
  • Deliver related training documentation
  • Manage migration as part of deployment